Industrial process monitoring and control system BISMARC is a result of long term experience of our engineers and software developers. The core of the system is industry proved means, solution and technologies.

BISMARC can be configured and used for almost all task of industrial process monitoring and control. The system is based on client-server architecture and has server redundancy features implemented by design. TCP/IP networks are used for data transfer between system components.

Server part of the system is responsible for data acquisition, data processing, archiving, and control. Client part of the system ensures real time data presentation and interaction between user and the system. In distributed configuration every node of the system can be the server and the client at the same time. BISMARC is developed and running on Linux and Windows platforms. It is up to customer which platform will be used in particular project.

Main components of BISMARC server data acquisition and processing software are:

  • Database management system
  • Real time database
  • Data acquisition, processing, archiving and collection from controllers’ subsystems.

Quick access to real-time data is ensured using specialized real time database. This database is stored in the RAM. This allows increasing performance many times in comparison with classical solutions. Database is object oriented; data is stored as objects.

User interface and interactions between user and the system is ensured by the Bismarc Plant Inspector.  It is a graphical data presentation and manipulation application. With built in means for process monitoring, control, and access to required industrial equipment.

Client subsystem is implemented using SDI (Single Dосumепt Iпtеrfасе) ideology, when all data is presented in the single window, in the single visual screen. User can have multiple instances of the client subsystem running and multiple different screens working at the same time. In multi display environment these windows can be distributed across physical displays.

TCP/IP protocol is used for communication between client and server.

The system is used in vast amount of our projects. The latest installation was done in new radwaste treatment facility at Smolensk NPP. BISMARC will be responsible for control of liquid radioactive waste processing here.