Energy saving

In todays world energy saving becoming more and more important. Increasing prices of energy resource, pollution forces to rethink energy strategies, to optimize energy expenditure. We would like to help you to achieve your energy savings goals. Presenting „BISMARC Micro“. The system for energy accounting and production expenditures calculation.  Our system is simple to use, quickly installable, and easy expandable.

Main functions:

  • Accounting and control of energy used in particular point.
  • Control of power used in particular point.
  • Equipment work hours calculation.
  • Local Operator Panel (for easy access to operational data and system configuration).
  • Archive of data from all measured points.
  • Calculation of energy expenses for single production unit..
  • Access to operational data, archive and reports using Web interface.

The system can be integrates into BISMARC process monitoring system if required.