Process monitoring and control

Our main specialization lies in the development and supply of industrial process monitoring and control systems. Our services covers full project life cycle starting from  requirements and design till installation and post warranty support.
There are three main types of systems we are providing:

  • Industrial process monitoring systems
  • Specialized monitoring systems
  • Digital control systems

Industrial process monitoring

We have completed industrial process monitoring system supply projects in the following companies:

  • Ignalina NPP Unit 1 and 2
  • Kalinin NPP Unit 2
  • Balakovo NPP Unit 1 and 2

Specialized monitoring systems

  • Radiation monitoring system (Ignalina NPP)
  • Coolant leakage detection system  (Ignalina NPP and Balakovo NPP)
  • Equipment configuration control system (Ignalina NPP)
  • Emergency identification subsystem (Balakovo NPP)
  • Industrial equipment diagnostics subsystem (Balakovo NPP)

Digital control systems (DCS)

  • Smolensk NPP radwaste storage control system
  • AB „Grigiškės“ boiler room control system upgrade

System facts

Monitoring system SAIPMS/SDS

  • OpenVMS operating system
  • Data acquisition systems
    • RTP controllers
    • Local I&C systems  (TCP/IP, RS 232/485, OPC …)
  • Alpha or Itanium Servers

Monitoring and control system BISMARC

  • Linux or Windows operating systems
  • Decentralized data processing and presentation
  • Data acquisition systems
    • RTP controllers
    • Siemens controllers
    • Local I&C systems (TCP/IP, RS 232/485, OPC, Modbus, …)

Digital control systems(DCS)

    • RTPmicro, RTP2300, RTP 2500 (SIL 3)
    • Windows based Netsuite
  • Siemens DCS
    • Simatic S7
    • WinCC, WinCC flexsible, WinCC filesafe (SIL 3)